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. following the second--first titans time out it's royster takes it inside the 30. and now tennessee use their second time out. one inch head coach in the n f c east. chip kelly in philadelphia. >> there's a lot of question when it comes to what chip wants to run. who is going to be his quarterback. that's another battle that you are seeing here. of course all the situations around riley cooper and hopefully that will pass in a positive way. but i just don't believe that chip kelly can bring a speeded up offense into the national football league because if you go your defense is going to hate you by the middle of the first quarter in the first game. it can be somewhere but not like he did in oregon. anybody doesn't understand the national football league and lack of people you have. you don't have 100 guys you can't rotate people through. so there's a big question as to what the philadelphia is going to look like in offense and defense. percent necessarily. a lot of newness is philadelphia and a lot of newness you just not quite sure. it could be very good or it could be a little bit of
, to pattern after mr. barry. if they gonna believe, "oh, i can use crack cocaine on television and become the mayor of washington d.c., it's all right." >> woman: she's right! >> man: calm down. >> seegars: if they gonna believe, "oh, i can use crack cocaine and become the mayor of washington d.c., it's all right." >> what have you or your children benefited in the past 20 years out of his leadership? >> yesterday is gone! >> you have to sit down barry! >> he should just stop and bow out gracefully. does he know what that means, bow out gracefully? >> we gonna bury you marion barry! we gonna get you up out of here! we ain't glad that you back, you glad you back! down with barry! down with barry! >> barry: you know, you would think that people would be more sensitive and be more appreciative. and particularly with people who i helped a great deal. that doesn't bother me anymore. storm don't last always. there's always a silver lining in every dark cloud somewhere. >> hey, what's up? >> hey, mr. mayor! ♪ oh, we can't do nothin' lord ♪ ♪ oh, we can't do nothin' lord ♪ ♪ oh lord ♪
, the dream that had stirred an entire generation officially ends. charles manson's use of lsd had not led him to enlightenment, but into madness, and a new president removes all hope for change. jim's deeply affected by the deaths of hendrix and joplin. he jokes to friends "they're looking at number three." michael mcclure helps change his mood. with his support, simon & schuster publishes the first collection of jim's poems. the book becomes one of morrison's proudest accomplishments. "nothing," he says, "is as eternal as poetry and song." man: ignition sequence start. liftoff, we have a liftoff. depp: as the country enters the new decade, the doors start over. "morrison hotel" had been another step away from the mainstream. it took them back to their roots -- the blues. it went gold in two days. despite the disaster of miami, jac holzman encourages them to make another album. but some things stay the same. jim shows up late and drunk, only now, he's added cocaine to the mix. the band is alternately bored and furious at jim. rothchild falls asleep at the console. he tries to motivate the ban
it. come on, bruce. you can't just drop us. cooper's bowling team is a great tradition. plus it's great for business, too. you know, people see us bowling out there wearing these shirts that say cooper's, you know, and they think to themselves... "cooper's." you with me? i think so. plus when we win a big championship, there's an article in the newspaper, pictures, more publicity. you're a championship team? did i say that? yes. well, no, no, no, we're not. but we often make incredible comebacks that fall just short. listen, doug. you seem like a nice guy. so do you. but it just doesn't make any sense to me to sponsor a bowling team unless it wins. and even then, it's hard to get too enthusiastic. yeah, but the shirt? yes, i know the shirts, yes, yes. but, uh-- look, i guess if you did well, the publicity would be good for business. i'll tell you what. you do what you got to do, and show me you got a shot at winning one of those trophies-- you know, the guy on top with the sweater and the silver-- and i'll write you a check. you got it? i got it. i promise we'll kick it up a not
at idea. what? what if mike and susie stayed with us for the whole thanksgiving weekend? what? yeah! they could stay up in my office on the sofa bed. what do you think? right in front of them. right in front of them, she asks me. "can they stay with us through the whole thanksgiving weekend? we've got that spare room with the sofa bed." that's rough. what am i supposed to say? "yeah, sure. that's ok. i'd rather put a cigar out on my ass, but this is good, too." all right, where the hell is spencer, already? the movie's startin' right now. i gotta spend 4 days with this guy, and with no buffer, either, 'cause i know carrie's gonna peel off with her friend and then just leave me there, alone with him. i'm gonna die. that's it. i'm gonna die. his unpleasantness will actually stop my heart. where the hell you been? i know. i know. i had this whole thing with my mom. the super was fixing the radiator and she didn't want me to leave her alone with him. why not? she kept saying he was making bedroom eyes. "mom, he's 80. he has glaucoma." ah, it was so stupid! if it was so stupid, spence, w
autopsy report's in, sir. death by asphyxiation. embedded fibers seem to confirm a pillow was used. bruising on her chest suggests that a knee or forearm was used to hold her down. and there were some more coins found lodged in her throat. four, to be precise, i'd imagine. yes. as we know, the victim's real name was rose duchamp. it seems her killer was a man from her past. we think he's based in antigua, part of a money-laundering ring worth... hundreds of millions of dollars. rose had information that could've put this man behind bars, and she called london after two years of living a new life, a new identity. why? she was in fear of her life. you think she saw him? do we have a description of this man? nothing. and even if we did, i doubt it would help. why not? for two years, this guy's been one step ahead of us. if he killed rose duchamp in the early hours of this morning, he's probably left the island by now. not necessarily. look, you don't get it. the man is a ghost. we don't know what he looks like, we don't even know what he's called. the only person who could positively
hanging on the rinaldis' door. so? so? it's a snub! it's their way of saying, "look at us, world, we're richer than those schnooks across the street!" how dare they flaunt their wealth at us. ugh! wealth? dad, mr. rinaldi drives a cab, and his wife works for easter seals. yeah, and they're gonna make sure everyone in the neighborhood knows it. well, honey, the rinaldis are about to look directly into the mouth of hell! dad, dad, can't you just take a white pill and a blue pill and leave this alone? oh, i will take those pills, but i will not leave this alone. hi. hey. want to help me wrap a little bit? uh, sure. but, uh... i think we need to have a little talk first. what? what happened? is everything ok? oh, it's just that today, uh, at work, out of the blue, i get called into supervisor o'boyle's office and, uh... and--and what? uh, he just handed me this $3,000 christmas bonus! $3,000! i can't believe it! and see what i did there? i made you think it was bad, when actually it was good. yeah, you're a comedic genius. let me see this. ohh! holy crap! 3,000 bucks! and all i got w
. (laughter) >> and trying to make my life not to make her upset. it challenged us and it challenged me and my son. yeah, but it was about that. >> because it's also for me a love story. a love story through the eyes of this man and one of the reasons i said yes to lee after he was relentless in asking me to do it is because i wanted the tapestry, the depth, the broadness of that communication between a husband and a wife and particularly a middle-class black family to be seen by the rest of the world. it's something we don't see very often and i think that women have been the backbone. you know, regardless of race during that period for a number of reasons and i wanted to be able to show that in that one character. >> rose: and what did you hope to bring in this script? what story? >> i wanted to tell the history of the civil rights movement. it seems to me that that movement has not been properly told in hollywood. and you have world war ii, you've got the holocaust. these are extremely famous, they're part of our national consciousness and a lot of that have is because of movies and t.v. sh
't know and if we ask it directions it could ingest us and spit out our bones! dory: what is it with men and asking for directions? marlin: i don't want to play the gender card right now. you want to play a card? let's play the "let's not die" card. dory: you want to get out of here don't ya? marlin: of course i do! dory: well then how we gonna do that unless we give it a shot and hope for the best, hmm? marlin: but dory. dory: hmm? marlin: you don't fully understand. dory: come on, trust me on this. marlin: alright. dory: excuse me, yoo-hoo, little fella? hello? don't be rude, say hi. marlin: ha, hello. dory: his son "bingo." marlin: nemo. dory: nemo was taken to uh. marlin: sydney. dory: sydney, yes and it's really, really important that we get there as fast as we can. so can you help us out? come on little fella, come on. marlin: dory, i'm a little fella. i don't think that's a little fella. [whale call]. dory: oh big fella, big fella, whale. ok. maybe he only speaks whale? [making whale sounds]. marlin: uh, dory. dory: [making whale sounds]. marlin: what are you doing, what are you d
's been great for them, for us to run the theater company, because back stage, theater people, you know, it's a very playful place, very, you know, inviting place for a child to be. >> rose: do they think about, you know, that inevitable question about, you know, like mom and dad, i, too, want to be on stage? >> i know. if you're a doctor or a lawyer, i think probably you'd be thrilled if your child went into-- you know, but as for working in the arts -- >> rose: if you're captain of industry, that seems better to have your son or daughter to be there. >> it's expected. >> rose: think murdoch. >> yes, yes. but as someone working in the arts, you know the difficulty and the rocky terrain and the lack of certainty. not that anyone has career certainty. >> rose: someone said to me they basically took this tact-- if your child or childrenmented tchildren wantedto go into the - theater-- do everything that you could to dissuade them because if you are unsuccessful, they're made for it? >> yes, yes. i mean, i-- i personally that was my experience. i went right away from it because i didn't co
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10

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